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I am now in my last year in the university *shoves confetti on myself*. I will try to post graphics once in a while. Wish me luck!
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RivaMika (Levi and Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin)
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Noragami graphics
Catching up with my AniManga obsessions.
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Kazuma, how about you come with me today for a change?

They're strong. They each has a means of survival. 
I know they are alive.


About Mamura somehow…… I get nervous…”

ch. 73 + mazume and swimsuits

Happy Birthday.

Mazume Week | Day #7: Gift

Thoughts about the ending of Hirunaka no Ryuusei


I find it quite ironic, how some Shizume fans are so blind and find it so easy to claim that, ok there’s no ploblem, Suzume will end up with Shishio and Mamura will simply end up with Yuyuka or will find another girl in the end of the manga, who will fall in love, and yet when it comes to Shishio, they are absolute that Shishio will break, never move on if it ends with Mazume, because he loves her and blah blah blah, like Mamura doesn’t love her as much as Shishio, that his love is not as strong as Shishio’s, and it’ll not break him as much as Shishio.

I think they really underestimate Mamura’s love for Suzume, like is nothing, like it means nothing. So make her end up with Shishio, Mamura with another girl and everyone will be happy, the perfect ending……not.

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Attack on Titan + Legend of Korra Parallels

My computer’s still infected by Trojan asdfghjkl and Tumblr still won’t load properly. it is ironic that I am accessing this blog in my university’s library computers. >:D


By まみや

Note: This artist has removed their work from pixiv. Some is still viewable under kinatin on danbooru.

I will protect!